Holiday Parties

Add a fun & interactive experience to your company's holiday party!
Hosted by Greg

Holiday Parties
DJ Services

Company Holiday Parties

"Best. Party. Ever."
-some drunk guy (12/17/21)

Games, Trivia, & Music

We prepare dozens of holiday-themed games and challenges in a competition format. We love to throw some holiday-movie trivia in there too! Maybe a round of "Name That Holiday Song"???
Hint: The answer is always Mariah Carey ;)

"Ugh... is attendance required?"

We understand that some employees would rather go home early than go to a company holiday party. We're here to make sure they never miss a holiday party ever again. We make it fun for everyone.


Interactive, fast-paced environment

We keep things fast and exciting to make sure everyone is having a great time. There will never be dead air. When we're not playing team games, we'll be DJing your favorite holiday tunes.

Engraved Trophies

We can provide engraved trophies and prizes to winning/participating teams. Several of our clients love to display their trophy in the office all year, and bring it back the following year to defend it!

Holiday Party Pricing

Services available from November 1 - January 29.
Pricing below is for our 90-minute in-person holiday parties in the Baltimore area.

Monday-Thursday (afternoon or happy hour)


(event ending before 6:30pm)

Monday-Thursday (night)


(event ending after 6:30pm)

Friday-Sunday (any time)

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There are no start/end time restrictions on weekend events


DJ & Sound Services

Professional DJ by the hour

We bring top of the line speakers/equipment and tailor the music to fit your exact needs. All DJ & sound packages include a microphone for speeches/announcements. We can also assist in displaying visuals for any presentation needs.

Hourly pricing listed below.

2 Hours

$ 250 total
  • 2 total hours of DJ services

3 Hours

$ 350 total
  • 3 total hours of DJ services

  • (2) 1000-watt subwoofers added to setup

4 Hours

$ 430 total
  • 4 total hours of DJ services

  • (2) 1000-watt subwoofers added to setup

5 Hours

$ 500 total
  • 5 total hours of DJ services

  • (2) 1000-watt subwoofers added to setup

  • Each additional hour is only $50 per hour

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